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Patch Adams knew it and so do we!

We adopted Patch's therory long before we watched the film and we have found it works so well.  We use smiles, laughter and lots of praise and recognition in our activities and we watch as all the smiles and laughs all come back. It's a great feel good film from 1998 starring Robin Williams, based on the life story of Dr. Hunter it's well worth a watch.


There's a lot to be said for Hypnotherapy

Master Hypnotherapist and Life Coach Lynne Kavanagh Is now on board with Happy Times and working with staff, families and Carers to help make positive changes to their lives. Lynne helps people with stress and relaxation as well as many other things such as overcoming phobias, weight loss, confidence levels. Lynne does this by using a mixture of hypnotherapy and life coaching techniques   Please note that after a hypnotherapy session you are able to return immediately back to your usual and every day activities. Call us on 0151 651 2135 to make your booking or contact Lynne direct on 07791 054 734.


Movement to Music now available in Liverpool

Please get in touch if you would like more information about these sessions call Helen or Cathy on 07872 824 337.


Memory Walk Aintree Racecourse

We took part and had a lovely time and it didn't even rain!  Thank's to everyone who helped us to raise £220 for the Alzhimers Society.

Picture left to right - Jane Burns, Phil Spence, Cathy Spence Robb, Helen Oliver.