People say the most lovely things. We would like to say thanks for everyone who has written in with comments and if you would like yours added please get in touch.

We are amazed at the progress and the speed of progress for this gentleman. We called Happy Times for 121 home visits for Alex as hasn't left the house in 5 years.  After just 3 weeks of seeing him twice a week we are now able to get him out for short trips in the car! We are all so pleased as it's such a big thing for him and we put this down to him being so relaxed after sessions, he is like a different person.

Lead Support, Community Housing, Moreton.

Helen's provided Happy Times to our supported houses now for 18mths and our tenants have enjoyed very much her company and gained both in their personal development and social interactions.  One of our tenants who previously would not socialise with others or did not appreciate personal contact has blossomed and this has now extended to him joining in on two outings a week with others in the community.  The fun they have with music and dance has benefited them immensely in weight awareness and physical wellbeing.  Staff members have seen this too and they carry on themselves to support their activities, as they see the therapeutic advantages.  We would recommend Helen to any prospective clients.

Area Manager, Wirral Mind

Happy Times Activities came to treat our group with a sensory hour. Happy Times got everyone all cheerful and upbeat with some gentle movement to some great songs. The group even got to test out their concentration skills by passing balls around the circle to different tempos of music – James Bond was the slowest and most appreciated by the group! The group also got the large octopuses out and made them move in really creative ways.  After all that excitement, Happy Times got their sensory boxes out and everyone got to enjoy different lights, sounds and textures. There were feathers, sparkling lights, glasses, balls of all different textures, jumping frogs and bubbles, something for everyone. 

Leaf Project, Alternative Futures Group, Liverpool.

Your relaxation part was really relaxing! We didn't think it was possible for everyone in the room to be so quiet together! We've never seen that happen before!

Helplink Wirral, Pensby Group.

We have had nothing but positive comments about your session! People were amazed by how easily you got people to interact and how much people were getting involved.  I really hope to work with you and your team again in the future, we think your sessions are wonderful!!

Project Coordinator, Mencap Liverpool

"I've had the pleasure of observing Helen in her work with people living with dementia, and to watch her is nothing short of inspirational. It is so apparent that Helen loves what she does - she brings smiles, music, and person-centred connection and interaction to those who participate in her activity sessions. Helen is delivering a unique and much needed personalised service to the care, dementia and mental health sectors. Keep up the great work!"

Liz, Sensory Toy Warehouse.

As well as being good fun I have noticed that the people that regularly attend your weekly sessions are the same people that haven't suffered falls.

Physiotherapist supporting adults with a life limiting disease.

Thanks Happy Times for your amazing sessions, I'm not sure how you manage to do it but they just get better and better.

Residential Care Home, Prenton.

I am known for being fussy about who we allow into the home, due to the complex needs of our residents and you have made such a positive difference. The residents talk about you and your session long after you have gone and ask frequently when you will be back. Thank you for making such an effort to treat them all as individuals, this is so important to me and makes them feel very special.

Mental Health Care Provider, Oxton.

After sitting in your Movement Therapy & Relaxation session I had to leave half way through as I was afraid of crying. I was totally overwhelmed at seeing everyone so happy. You bring magic into this home which is why we want you to come twice a week from now on.

Senior Co-ordinator, Supported Living Wirral.

After watching one of your 'Movements and Relaxation Therapy' sessions I have to say I am really impressed.  I didn't think it was possible to involve everyone as a group and I was particularly impressed with how you created such a calm environment in such a short time. Everyone got something from it and it improved everyones mood from beginning to end. I would like to say thanks to you and your team for visiting us and hope to see you again soon.

Activities Co-ordinator at a Nursing Home, Birkenhead.

Thanks for providing us with such fun, interactive and entertaining activities.  Everybody loves Monday mornings now and it's such a great way to start our week. 

Residential Care Home Manager, Chester.

People ask for your session from first thing Monday morning, they love them and so do our staff!

Support Worker at a Progressive School for young adults, Liverpool.

It amazes us where you get your ideas from, there's always something new and fun!

Care Home Manager, Wallasey.

Thanks for coming each week, your sessions always puts smiles on everyones faces.

Community Living Housing, Kirkby, Liverpool