Case Studies

Residents of Magenta Living

We deliver weekly seated exercise and relaxation sessions to the residents of Magenta Living in Woodchurch and Pensby which are proving a real success for fitness, co-ordination, range of movement and relaxation.  Here's some comments from some of the participants: Frank: 'I love Tuesday mornings, lots of fun and I never thought my co-ordination could improve!' Carrie: 'I never miss one because I can feel how good it is for me when I come'.  Harriet: 'The breathing exercises I have learnt here have really helped me to sleep'.  Gladys: My ankle feels so much better and looser now, I practise during the adverts at home like you suggested and it's great now.  Jean 'It's a good job I learnt that breathing exercise I done it the other day and it stopped me going into a panic....I sat and focused on my breath until my husband came home It calmed me right down'.  Pauline: 'I love the stuff we do but I'd come just for the music and the laugh'.


This is a story of how weekly 1-2-1 tailored activities have helped to increase trust, communication and social interaction for Jack.  Jack is a 48yrs old and has Autism. Jack was never willing to leave his house or experienced public transport. His Mum and his support staff tell us that our sessions have played a major part in the recent changes which have seen him enjoy several train journeys to New Brighton and Liverpool.  Most recently he went to Liverpool by train and had lunch at a cafe in the City Centre.  This was a huge achievement. 

Staff told us that when he got off the train he stood on the platform and punched the air with his fist and shouted 'I've done it'.  Every time we think that our sessions have played a part in helping Jack to achieve this we get goose bumps!


Ian is an 83yr old man and has dementia. Since moving into a Residential home Ian's mobility has got steadily worse and his ability to stand up from sitting without support is not possible and walking with the aid of a zimmer has become very difficult.  We were asked if we could help Ian as his Physiotherapist could no longer help due to Ian being unable to understand his instructions.  Helen visited Ian for one hour a week for a period of eight weeks and staff members have commented each week on his improvement, not just in his mobility but also in his spirit. Ian enjoys 50s music and Helen found that this was a natural motivator so they listened to his favourite tracks whilst carrying out their session.  Taking time to talk to Ian she discovered a past passion of his was football, and so incorporated movements that included kicking balls. It was these two factors that made a big difference as Ian started to embrace the movement therapy sessions and as a result he can now come up to standing with little assistance and use a zimmer frame with more confidence and ease.


Simon is a 45 year old with Down Syndrome and mental health and is also blind and without verbal communication.  Helen was asked to visit Simon to see if she could find out what he enjoyed and to put a session together for him.  It was a challenge for us as Simon didn't enjoy touching or smelling things, so sensory equipment just didn't work and he would become agitated and shout.  

After a couple of attempts it become apparent that relaxation was something he enjoyed and benefited from greatly.  Now three months on, Simon and Helen are good friends and Simon settles almost immediately into their relaxation session enjoying guided visualisations, basic meditation techniques, breathing exercises and massage. Simon and Helen often sit together and on occasion hold hands whilst reading together which we consider a great achievement.

Names have been changed in this article