This art simplifies neuroscience fight or flight theory, as red and blue brain, and the importance of balance.

When relaxed and feeling safe, we are in blue brain. When we perceive situations as stressful or frightening, red brain takes over.

Red brain produces many automatic physiological reactions such as increased heartbeat, palms turning sweaty, muscles tensing , butterflies in the tummy, dizziness, and light-headedness …. all whilst our thoughts continue to race. Over frequent, intense, or inappropriate activation of fight or flight (Also known as acute stress syndrome) is common in a wide range of clinical conditions. Explaining or doing everyday activities such as having breakfast or leaving the house can cause anxiety for some people.  A helpful part of treatment is understanding, which is why this art is also very useful.

Inspired by: People with Learning Difficulties, Disabilities and / or Autism.

Artist: Ed Vickers.

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