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04/07/2022 - Helen Oliver 

Happy Times Summer Strum Festival - 11am - 3pm Saturday 30th July

03/02/22 - Helen Oliver 

Thank you to everyone who voted.  We are totally over the moon to have made it to the finals of the Steve Morgan Foundation 20th Anniversary Awards.

03/02/22 - Helen Oliver 

Members can now sign up to our new Explorer Program.

Born as a result of our Parliament Members, we are super excited about this and so much planning has gone into it, we just know if will be amazing! Together we will explore interests, skills, and ourselves. So far its seen us helping to make breakfast, learning to read, exploring phobias and providing work experience at the Centre!    

09/05/2022 - Helen Oliver 

Thank you to everyone who voted.  We had an amazing day full of amazing people.

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